Trial Run: and Pt. 1

On days like today, I watch a lot of YouTube videos. While watching GlamTwinz334and Ms. Shopaholic Diaries, I learned about Sammy Dress and Dress Link.
Simply put, they are Asian wholesale distributors. They have trendy clothes for very low prices. From the pictures, it seems like the quality of their clothes depends on the item. Some items appear to be Forever 21 quality, while others are more like Rainbow or D.E.B. Nothing seems to be superior quality, though. However, it seems like Dress Link had a better quality overall.In terms of the online shopping experience, I liked Dress Link better overall. It’s not that Sammy Dress was bad, but checkout at Dress Link was a bit more detailed. Sammy Dress has MANY more options, though. Should everything go well, I will probably purchase from Sammy Dress first—just because they have a lot of items. In addition to clothing, Sammy Dress also sells makeup, makeup tools, home goods, toys etc. Dress Link seems to focus on clothing, which is perfectly fine.

Well, since there were some bad reviews for both (in which people said these sites were scams), I was a bit skeptical. I spent time reading lots of reviews before placing my order. I decided to get only a few things from each site to test the water. Since I wasn’t in a rush to get these items, I used Chinese post for shipping. Both packages should arrive between 7-25 days, which is right on target for international parcels. When they arrive, I’ll be posting part two. Stay tuned!

Here’s what I ordered:

Sammy Dress

Dress Link


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