Birdie Diet + Workout Plan

Throwback! This is one of my favorite [random] pics of Crystal and me. We were 21 and 20 years-old.
My line sister, Crystal, and I are going on a fitness journey (in addition to the one I am doing with my husband). Crystal and I decided to pair a specific diet we used in college with exercise. We call it the birdie diet. Here’s the breakdown:



No fried foods

No processed sweets

No fast food (unless whole food, healthy options)

No sodas/sugar-filled drinks.  Only water, teas, and 100% juices are permitted

Incorporate as many fruits and vegetables as possible



We’ll be doing three repetitions of the following routine–in addition to our usual routines.



We start Sunday. Stay tuned to hear my results (and possibly Crystal’s).


2 thoughts on “Birdie Diet + Workout Plan

  1. Your food sounds good! I just came back from Trader Joe’s for some goodies. I cannot remember what we used to eat for Sparrow Snacks, though. Well, besides granola bars.


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