The Best Disney April Fool’s Pranks (Not Produced by Disney)

April Fools day is one that I want to go by as quickly as possible. I am slightly annoyed by the dozens of cliche “I’m expecting” Facebook statuses. If you’re going to participate in the day’s festivities, at least get creative with it. That’s just what a few Disney-loving bloggers did today. If you ever wondered how cruel a Disney lover could be, you’re in for a treat. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites to share with you. Click the images below to read the full post (prank).

1. Walt Disney World Announces a Fifth Park



2. Disney Vacation Club Owner to File Lawsuit Demanding More FastPass+ Experiences



3. Disney World Visitor Tricks Cast Members With Disneyland Map



4. Le Cellier Steakhouse is now a Disney-fied Outback Steakhouse



5. “Switched at Birth” is Done-zo



6. The Good Old Beverly Prank



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