Weekend Recap: Date Night + MS Walk

This weekend was AMAZING! Although I live in the DC/MD/VA area, my husband and I were not a part of Cherry Bossomageddon. There’s no reason why I’d pay almost $10 (via DC Metro) and battle massive crowds…just to see the same trees that are in my own neighborhood. Are they beautiful? Yes. Is it worth it to me? Nah. So instead of doing that, my husband and I went to a Wizards game on Saturday night and had a ball. Before attending the actual game, we stopped for a bite at a cool pizzeria, Fuel.

Credit: Popville
Credit: Popville

Being a New York native, I am a bit critical when it comes to which pizzerias make “good” pizza. Fuel makes awesome pizza that tastes just like New York pizza. The price of the combos were a slightly expensive compared to their NYC counterparts, but you’re going to pay a little buck for location and atmosphere. Speaking of atmosphere, the restaurant is decorated like a gas station you’d see on a cross-country trip–including graffiti on the wall. The restaurant operates in a manner similar to Noodles & Company. You order your food at the register, take a table marker, and sit anywhere you want. The waiter will bring your food to you. I think that’s pretty cool. I also like the red paint in their bathroom.

Shameless bathroom selfie in Fuel.
Shameless bathroom selfie in Fuel.

After eating more than enough pizza, we headed across the street to the Verizon Center for a great Wizards game. The Wizards are in the playoffs, contrary to what bandwagon Heat heat fans said when we beat the beans out of them. See, true Wizards fans knew this season would play out like this. I won’t bore you girly girls with a bunch of basketball mumbo jumbo, but I truly enjoy Wizards basketball. Saturday’s game against the Bucks was a great time for my husband and I, as the Wizards won the game  104-91.

photo (7)

It was fan appreciation week, so we got neat little things like Wizards coolers, pens and tumblers. We also got 50% off of Papa John’s Pizza and free Chik Fil A sandwiches. How awesome? Pretty awesome, but not the best part of that game.

Amaris Jackson, a 10 year-old who signed a one day contract with the Washington Wizards (via Make A Wish), with John Wall. Credit; Monumental Network
Amaris Jackson, a 10 year-old who signed a one day contract with the Washington Wizards (via Make A Wish), with John Wall. Credit; Monumental Network

After the game, we waited a while before rushing to the Metro station. As I’ve already said, I don’t like dealing with crowds (unless they’re Disney World crowds). If you’ve never been to that side of DC at night, you’re missing out on good, free music. When we finally exited the Verizon Center, I saw big tuba and heard the chorus of Chaka Khan’s Ain’t Nobody playing through a crowd of people. It was a band called the Brass Connection Band! They ended their street show with their own rendition of Pharell’s Happy. After which, we pushed our way onto the first train back to Montgomery County.

photo (9)
Shameless train selfie
Shameless train selfie attempt...photobombed by my husband, Jon.
Shameless train selfie attempt…photobombed by my husband, Jon.

The next morning (I know, sounds like suicide) we went to Towson for Walk MS 2014. This 5k is one in which my family has participated for 13 years, in support of my aunt Joan. Although it was a very early morning (Jon and I were up at 6:00 to get to Baltimore in time), it was a day well spent. With our dogs in tow, we completed the 5k! Phoebe loved every minute of it. However, our 15 week-old baby dog became dead weight after the first lap. I think he still enjoyed it, though. He received a lot of attention.

photo (10)
Our baby dog, Big EZ, passed out after the race. Credit: Husbeau
L to R: My sister, Me, and my cousin. Credit: Aunt Joan
L to R: My sister, Me, and my cousin. Credit: Aunt Joan

We finished the weekend with a lot of rest. By the time we reached our apartment, everyone (including the dogs) was a blink away from REM sleep. I’m happy I was able to get that rest. Today, I will take on the challenge of planning a girl’s getaway trip for June! Stay tuned for more details about that and the release of  my posting schedule!


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