Hump Day Bump Day: Week 12

Wednesdays have become an exciting day for me. Each week on this day, the little baby growing inside me reaches a new milestone! As a celebration of his or her changing self, I’ll do a hump day bump day post. Usually, they will feature an up-to-date belly picture. I am feeling a bit bloated and I look like I am further along, so no picture. In addition to the photo, I’ll be adding a few snippets about my symptoms and the changes I am enduring. The questionnaire is one that my birth month club used to do on

How far along are you?
12 weeks exactly!

How are you feeling today?
I feel bloated, but good otherwise. Wait…I feel hungry. I always feel hungry.

Any symptoms/aversions/cravings?
As far as symptoms (and this may be TMI), I feel really gassy. There isn’t much else going on besides that. Also, I can’t fit most of my tops because the hooters are having a growth spurt. My only aversion isn’t a food aversion, but certain scents make me want to give up my lunch. For example, my husband’s cologne and our bedroom auto air freshener make me sick. Right now, I seem to crave sour/bitter and spicy foods. I want salads with vinaigrette. I want buffalo wings (a two-in-one craving crusher). I want Sour Skittles, Watermelon Sour Patch Kids, and Lemon Heads.

Any dreams lately?
I have many weird dreams, but I never really remember them…not since my Taco Bell dream. If you missed that story, aww…too bad!

Other rants/raves/comments?
My puppy, EZ, must have finally figured out  that I’m pregnant. My older dog, Phoebe, knew early on. EZ is now being extra affectionate (curling up on my feet, nestling his tiny face on my lap). It’s super cute, but he is super heavy! Also, I have my monthly check in with the OB. I can’t wait to learn more about the baby!

Here are a few things going on internally, according to my WebMD Pregnancy mobile app:

-My baby is about the size of a garlic bulb–2.5 in.

-My baby now has a recognizable profile, with a distinct nose and chin!

-Fingers and toes keep growing, and tiny fingernails form.




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