You Can Have Soft Clothes Without Buying Fabric Softener

If you have an infant or young child like I do, fragrance-free solutions are important in your laundry routine. I am a fabric softener queen when it comes to everyone else’s laundry, but that’s not really a possibility for McNugget’s clothes. While on my search for ways to soften his clothes, I received my dryer balls from I-Gruv.

Product photo
Product photo

The product is a pack of six felt balls packaged in a drawstring satchel. They’re used to soften clothes without fabric softeners.

According to I-Gruv’s product description on Amazon, here’s some info about these balls:

-100% New Zealand wool.

-Handmade and hypoallergenic.

-Money savers because they can be used for 1,500+ cycles and will reduce your drying cycle by 25%-40%.

-Softens laundry naturally and reduces static on clothing.

-Help reduce the amount of pet hair that would remain in the clothes.

To test this product, I used the dryer balls for several loads. I also alternated between my clothes, my husband’s, and McNugget’s. Overall, I believed they did a good job at softening the clothes. Let’s compare how the company’s other claims stood up to my trials:

100% New Zealand wool: I had no way of verifying this claim, but they feel like natural felt to the touch.

Handmade and hypoallergenic: No one in our home really has sensitive skin, except for the baby. We haven’t noticed any rashes or other allergic reactions.

Money savers: Okay, here’s where they didn’t really prove themselves to me. None of the loads I tried ran shorter by using the dryer balls. I tried the recommended six balls in larger loads and four in smaller loads. It didn’t work. I even tried six dryer balls in a smaller load and it didn’t work. Maybe it works for others, but I still needed my usual dry time to completely dry my clothes.

Softens laundry naturally and reduces static on clothing: McNugget’s clothing was softened by the balls, but not mine or my husband’s. This leads me to believe the product works best on smaller loads. McNugget’s laundry never really gets the chance to pile up before we wash it. Our loads, however, get bulky very fast with denim and/or linens. As for static, there was still a bit of it after one load. I think the dryer balls helped to reduce static on the other loads.

Helps to reduce the amount of pet hair on the clothes: Absolutely! Our dog sheds moderately, but she has gold/tan hair. That means it is so visible…on everything! The dryer balls helped reduce the amount of pet hair tremendously and I was happy for that!

Overall, I do like this product and would recommend it to mothers of infants! It would even make a great baby shower gift. However, I wouldn’t hold the product to all of its claims. It softens clothes really well and that’s probably where the focus should remain. It didn’t prove its other claims to my standards, but it may work better with your dryer machine. They can be purchased on Amazon for $17.34. If you decide to try this product, let me know.

Note: I received this product for free in exchange for my unbiased opinion. All views expressed are my own. For more information, please see the about tab.


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