Smarty Had a Party Shopping Review

Having a family (even if it’s just a small one right now) means many reasons to gather. Whether it’s a dinner or a birthday party, there are many times throughout the year that require party supplies. I found myself in one such situation recently–McNugget’s dedication!

For his dedication, which is traditionally known as a Christening, we decided to have it in my parents’ backyard. It was a more relaxed way to celebrate the occasion and allowed flexibility for family and friends to join us. I was excited for the day to arrive, but not so excited to run around for party supplies. Then, I remembered I had used Smarty Had a Party for our wedding reception in 2013. I was thoroughly satisfied with them then, so why not now?

I ordered most of the party supplies from Smarty Had a Party. My order consisted of:

(4) 9 oz Nice Fancy Plastic Party Cups – 20/pk

(4) Radiance Silver Plastic Dinner Forks – 20/pk

(2) Radiance SERRATED Silver Plastic Knives – 20/pk

(1) Orange Pintuck Table Runner

(6) 10.25″ Lace White Plastic Dinner Plates – 10/pk

While shopping for these items, I searched the sale tab. I was able to get everything from that section, so I was excited. It wasn’t a grab bag of things, either. The prices were even better than what I would have paid at Party City or Dollar Tree. Okay, the prices were the same as Dollar Tree for some items, but you’re not getting the stuff I ordered from DT. Even outside of the sale tab, the prices weren’t too bad.

Perhaps the one thing I didn’t enjoy was the processing. It took a few days for my order to be processed and my card to be charged. It wasn’t a huge problem, it’s just something I don’t like too much. If I receive an invoice, I expect the money to come out at that time or shortly thereafter–not after getting a tracking number.

On a better note, I didn’t have any hiccups with shipping or receiving the products. Everything arrived on time. The quality of each of the products was exactly as I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the plates. They were gorgeous in person and very sturdy. To add literal sugar on top, Smarty Had a Party actually included a few packs of Smartie candies in the box. Very cute touch!

McNugget’s first birthday is only months away, so I would order from them again without hesitation. I would also recommend them to anyone trying to plan a party or wedding, or even someone who runs a catering or event planning business. This site has everything!

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