Homecoming Looks for the Day and Night

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As much as I love Christmas, autumn will always be my favorite time of year. My favorite holidays, pumpkin spice mania, and my birthday all happen this season. Additionally, it’s homecoming season!

There is something extra special about visiting my alma mater, Bowie State University, during homecoming. I love running into old classmates, older alumni I’ve met throughout the years, and my favorite professors. I even enjoy visiting my husband’s alma mater, Hampton University, during homecoming. I feel like I’m an in-law when I’m down there. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if it’s like that at all schools. What I do know is that HBCU homecomings are nothing short of AMAZING!

Since this week is homecoming at Bowie State and Hampton, I decided to give you a peek at what I like to wear! If I were still in school, this would be a much longer post. I’m an alumna who only has a day or two to enjoy the homecoming festivities, so these are the two looks I’ll need.

Game and Tailgate  


Comfort and warmth are key for daytime homecoming activities. I like layering pieces that I can easily close, open, add, or remove to accommodate the weather. As for comfort, sneakers are a must for me. There’s plenty of time to wear pumps. That time is not while I’m squeezing my way through crowds and waiting in lines for burgers and fried Oreos. I like that this look ties in the school spirit without looking like a freshman who got excited in the bookstore.

Young Alumni Mixer

Night Homecoming look

Remember when I said there was time to wear pumps? That time is the young alumni mixer or whatever party you’ll get into that night. My go-to look is my staple little black dress. It’s a personal tradition I’ve held since my high school years. Black is easy to pair with accessories, black is slimming, and black is always easy to find when shopping. I like to pair my LBD with other black items (I like wearing black), but I add a pop of color on my lips.

Since the looks are already out of the way, I’ve shared a few favorite photos from past homecomings. Let me know about your favorite thing about homecoming in the comments!

390120_3588277400296_875551771_n 527323_704699589939_1980526191_n 318487_612930565799_2138379234_n


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