Fall Favorites

Fall is officially over.

While most people start thinking about winter the day after Thanksgiving, I’m one who likes to ride with fall until its official end. There may be a little bias because I’m a fall baby, but it’s my favorite season. I love Sweet potato and Pumpkin flavored everything. I enjoy the crisp fall air. I love the fun fall colors. I also LOVE the bold fall recipes. Somehow, I have managed to narrow down my list of favorites from the past few months.

16. Dollar Tree Beauty Finds

The only thing better than a good lipstick is a good lipstick that doesn’t break the bank. I paid one dollar each for these super pigmented Milani Cosmetics lipsticks and glosses. Additionally, I’ve also been hooked on the Essie nail stickers. Dollar Tree is hit or miss when it comes to beauty products, but they were definitely clutch this past fall.


15. Frozen Caramel Coolata (Dunkin Donuts)


Fall means holiday season. Holiday season means road trips. Road trips mean coffee…lots of coffee. I’ve been limiting myself to one cup per day because I am still nursing my son, but this drink has been ol’ faithful this fall. It’s icy and sweet, just the way I like it.


14. The Turkey Gobbler (Wawa)


If you ever wanted the joy of a Thanksgiving dinner on a sandwich, this is your sandwich. Wawa’s subs and sandwiches are a year-round favorite of mine, but this seasonal treat deserves special mention. With this sandwich, you’ll get turkey, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce in each bite. It makes me feel all warm and snuggly on the inside.


13. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagena0b014012626a13132699fccc9ef9822_grande

This is my go-to color! If you follow me on social media, you know that this vampy color has made an appearance in 80% of my fall posts. I think this color compliments my skin well. The staying power of the formula is amazing. Many people don’t like the soft matte creams because they can be drying, but I just make sure to moisturize well before applying.


12. Butter Chicken from the Namaste Cafe Food Truck in Disney Springs

In October, I took a solo trip to Orlando for an event at Full Sail University. Being the DisNerd that I am, I couldn’t visit the Orlando area without getting a bit of Disney Magic. I went to the newly rebranded Disney Springs for some shopping, entertainment, and food. I saw the Namaste Cafe truck and knew I needed something from it. I got this super delicious butter chicken and LOVED it!


11. Unilever Dry Deodorant Spray


I received a free Dove Dry Deodorant Spray from Unilever (via Influenster). I already use the Dove gofresh deodorant solid, so I was excited to give the spray a try. I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous about it getting me through the day. However, it is perfect for my day-to-day use. My husband has the AXE dry deodorant and he uses it daily. However, he opts for something stronger when he’s headed to a soccer match.


10. Crocheting


This is a year-round favorite, but it is amplified by the need for hats, scarves, blankets, and mittens. Aside from making beanies for my son and other family members, I have been working on a queen-sized blanket to snuggle under. Just the perfect thing for #NetflixAndCommitment.

For my most recent projects, I have been using this colorful aluminum crochet hook set. I received it for free to review, but I genuinely love the set. I have a thing for aluminum crochet hooks. The labeling on the hooks is very helpful and the colors make for a very pretty set of hooks. They’re available for purchase here.


9. Holiday Turkey Sandwich from Earl of Sandwich

Remember that solo trip from #12? Well, I also stopped by Earl of Sandwich during my Disney Springs visit. I must have had tunnel vision because it was the first place I stopped. This sandwich is very similar to Wawa’s Turkey Gobbler, but better (hence its spot on the list). The big difference between the two sandwiches is that the Holiday Turkey sandwich isn’t a soggy sandwich. Oh, and there’s mayonnaise. I’m not really a mayonnaise girl, but it helps bring the sandwich together. I would eat this sandwich any day of the year. Thankfully, Earl of Sandwich serves it any day of the year (unlike Wawa’s Turkey Gobbler).

8. Giant Brand Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream


I love pumpkin pie spice. On everything. In everything. I love that Giant (my local supermarket) has a wide variety of pumpkin spice items. One of my favorites was the pumpkin spice ice cream. It was a rich and creamy ice cream with pumpkin spice flavor and bits of pie crust. Delicious is an understatement. My favorite way to eat this ice cream is on top of a heaping spoonful of mashed sweet potato.


7. Washington Wizards Basketball


Is this season as great as other recent seasons? No. Did the Wizards lose my favorite player, Martell Webster? Yes. Has the Pump It Up Man missed several games this season? Yup. All of that aside, I have so much fun with my family in the Verizon Center. Garrett Temple has really been amazing this season. The team spirit is getting back to how it was when Big Tigger was the in-arena host. I love seeing my son clap along and try his hardest to chant “DEFENSE” with the crowd. I’m pretty sure my son loves all the attention he gets from the Wizard Girls, too. Since I’m big on making family memories, Wizards basketball is super special to me.

6. BeautyKind


I love being able to help charitable organizations while shopping–especially this close to Christmas. It’s a big part of why I shop with Amazon. Each purchase helps my favorite charities. BeautyKind has a similar setup, but they’re all about beauty. You can purchase a nice lipstick and make a donation to To Write Love On Her Arms at the same time! How cool is that? To make it even cooler, I’ll give you $25 to spend on their site when you sign up through my link. You can get a free item, just pay S+H.


5. Jane the Virgin


I can’t believe it took me so long to get into this awesome show! It is one of my favorites this fall. I also watch #TGIT, #BMJ, Fox’s Thursday night lineup, as well as their Sunday night lineup. Out of all of that, this show is one of my favorites right now. I love all the twists and turns. I love the telenovela parody. I love how much Jane loves Target. I love how the show is on Netflix and Hulu because it allowed me to binge and catch up. By the way, I’m #TeamMichael.


4. Disney Springs


The space formally known as Downtown Disney has been rebranded as Disney Springs. I LOVED it here. If you’re visiting the WDW resort and need a break from the parks, this is the place to come. There is something for everyone. There are shops for everything–from Legos to Christmas decorations. There are restaurants of every type, including food trucks. There’s even Cirque du SoleilThe best part is that access to the area is free! Here’s a bit of my Disney Springs fun:


3. Calling All Lovers


Although Tamar Braxton-Herbert faced the fight of her life this fall, she also released a solid R & B album that I love. This recent album from Tay Tay has been one of my favorites since its release. I usually play Toni’s greatest hits while I’m getting ready, but she’s been put on pause in favor of her youngest sister. Tamar has vocals that pair wonderfully with the lyrics of the songs. My favorite track on the album is Simple Things! If you haven’t listened to this album,



2. National Headwrap Day

A special day to recognize, admire, and be admired in headwraps? Oh yes, I love it. I happily participated in this day! I loved the compliments about the wrap from fellow women of all backgrounds. However, it was a compliment from middle school girls that really touched me. I may not have a huge platform, but I take my impact seriously. I’m not sure how many other black women those girls see on a day-to-day basis, but I’d like to think that our small encounter reinforces the idea that black is beautiful. I hope it strengthens the idea that we can be confident embracing our heritage. What is there not to love about a day like this? There are trolls, but let’s not feed them on a favorites post.


1.  The Wiz Live


I guess the previous entry was a nice segue into my absolute fall favorite. Representation matters and because it does, I loved watching The Wiz Live. I have always been a fan of the film and I grew to appreciate the stage play in college. Seeing it in this way–live on national television–was amazing. By now, you’ve probably heard many reasons why this production was big. If I wrote them all out, I’d only be echoing someone else’s sentiments. That being said, I’ll leave you with the one moment that made me cry:


What were some of your fall favorites? Leave a comment below.


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