To Do In Baltimore: The Bengie’s Drive-In Theatre

I am so happy for this warm Maryland weather. It seemed like winter was holding on for dear life, but she is gone! Warm weather means sundress season, beaches, and amusement parks. For our family, it also means drive-in season! 

We have been visiting The Bengie’s Drive-In Theatre almost as long as we’ve been a couple. It has really been a huge help since McNugget has been here. If you’re missing out on the new releases because you don’t have a babysitter and/or your child is too young to sit quietly through the film, here is your solution!

For $10 per person, we get to see at least two new movies. Most of the time, they are all recent releases–one family friendly film and one for adults. Some nights are TriPPPle feature night and we get to see three for the price of one. That is a deal, if I have ever seen one. But…that isn’t even my favorite part.

Drive-in theaters make their money from running a concession stand. Bengie’s has the best movie concession stand I’ve ever experienced…hands down. The prices are just right and they have almost everything you could possibly want. Here are some of our favorites:

Bengie’s Cola: It’s made with real cane sugar and is so refreshingly good. We always get the biggest size available.

Cotton Candy: Their cotton candy is always fresh, tastes like childhood memories, and you get a whole lot of it for $3.

Popcorn: I guess this one is a no-brainer, but this is also a staple for every visit.

Chicken Sandwich: The only other fast food chicken sandwich that can top theirs is Chick Fil A. It’s seasoned well and comes with pickles.

If you choose to bring your own food, you can purchase a permit for $10.00.

Outside of the food and movies, the overall experience of this drive-in is pretty fun. They’re pet-friendly. You can talk through the movie. You can smooch during the movie (No #BengiesAndChill though). You can sit outside of your car if  you’d like. There is a playground for your children to enjoy before the show begins.

I’m sure it’s a weekend activity you won’t forget. Before you go, make sure you thoroughly read the house rules. They may be overwhelming, but they help to give  you and other patrons the best experience possible. Bengie’s is open every Friday-Sunday and on select holidays throughout the summer and fall. For more information, please visit



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