Fall Favorites

Fall is officially over.

While most people start thinking about winter the day after Thanksgiving, I’m one who likes to ride with fall until its official end. There may be a little bias because I’m a fall baby, but it’s my favorite season. I love Sweet potato and Pumpkin flavored everything. I enjoy the crisp fall air. I love the fun fall colors. I also LOVE the bold fall recipes. Somehow, I have managed to narrow down my list of favorites from the past few months. Continue reading “Fall Favorites”


Thousands of Disney Fanatics Are Doing This. Me, Too!


This morning after midnight, I knocked something else off of my bucket list. I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to look up #Disney on Twitter. Lo and behold, the search for next year’s Disney Parks Moms Panel has commenced. Continue reading “Thousands of Disney Fanatics Are Doing This. Me, Too!”

Five Weekend Trips for DMV Residents on a budget

I love to travel! Time, budget, and my infant don’t always make room for jet-setting, but all isn’t lost. The advantage of living in Maryland is its close proximity to some pretty great places. This summer, why not explore a few of these. Here are a few of my favorites: Continue reading “Five Weekend Trips for DMV Residents on a budget”