Fall Favorites

Fall is officially over.

While most people start thinking about winter the day after Thanksgiving, I’m one who likes to ride with fall until its official end. There may be a little bias because I’m a fall baby, but it’s my favorite season. I love Sweet potato and Pumpkin flavored everything. I enjoy the crisp fall air. I love the fun fall colors. I also LOVE the bold fall recipes. Somehow, I have managed to narrow down my list of favorites from the past few months. Continue reading “Fall Favorites”

Thousands of Disney Fanatics Are Doing This. Me, Too!


This morning after midnight, I knocked something else off of my bucket list. I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to look up #Disney on Twitter. Lo and behold, the search for next year’s Disney Parks Moms Panel has commenced. Continue reading “Thousands of Disney Fanatics Are Doing This. Me, Too!”

Five Weekend Trips for DMV Residents on a budget

I love to travel! Time, budget, and my infant don’t always make room for jet-setting, but all isn’t lost. The advantage of living in Maryland is its close proximity to some pretty great places. This summer, why not explore a few of these. Here are a few of my favorites: Continue reading “Five Weekend Trips for DMV Residents on a budget”

What I’m Wearing This Spring!

Spring is here, even if winter won’t go away! With that, I decided to go through my closet and pull some looks together to share with you. While these pictures aren’t exactly what I own, they are very close! Everything featured below is based on something that is actually in my wardrobe. Let me know what look is your favorite and where you would wear it!


Date Night Look Book
Here’s a look I’ve already shared. This is a fun look for a sporting event. Since basketball season will be completely donezo in a little while, swap the Wizard’s shirt for a Nationals shirt.
With my first wedding anniversary just weeks away, I know wedding season is around the corner. Here’s a simple wedding look I pulled together. I kept all of my accessories simple because it’s not my day ūüôā
This look is good for a cookout or any day, really. You can go with just the tank, but the denim jacket will help beat A.C. chills.
Although this won’t be needed until the end of spring, it’s never too early to think of a beach day!
I pulled this look together for a spring date night.
Mr. NichofTAIme and I love going on dates in the spring. There are so many foods to be tasted, free concerts to be heard, and scenery to enjoy. You can do them all with a look like this.  
This may look like the tackiest outfit on Earth, but it's what you wear to the happiest place on Earth. When I visit amusement parks, it's less about fashion and more about function--especially at Disney. You're going to get wet. You're going to sit in something that may not come out of your clothes...so I keep it simple. P.S. Those Croc sandals are LOVE! All of the comfort of a walking shoe, minus the cramped foot-prison feeling.
This may look like the tackiest outfit on Earth, but it’s what you wear to the happiest place on Earth. When I visit amusement parks, it’s less about fashion and more about function–especially at Disney. You’re going to get wet. You’re going to sit in something that may not come out of your clothes…so I keep it simple. P.S. Those Croc sandals are LOVE! All of the comfort of a walking shoe, minus the cramped foot-prison feeling.

Throwback Thursday: My First Walt Disney World Visit

My sister, my dad and me in the pool at Disney's All-Star Music Image Credit: Probably my mom.
My sister, my dad and me in the pool at Disney’s All-Star Music. 1998
Image Credit: Probably my mom.

It was the summer of ’98…the summer before my family moved to Maryland. My mom had planned a trip for not only our immediately family, but also extended family, family friends, and a few of her co-workers. Yes, this was a time before you could book everything online in 10 minutes. My parents had taken my sister and I along to pick up one family’s payment for their trip. When my mom returned to the car, that’s when they told us: we were going to the¬†Walt Disney World Resort!

Now, Walt Disney World was a place I knew a lot about…ever since ’93. My mom had ordered the vacation planning VHS, which I asked¬†to watch almost as much as my “Annie” and “Mrs. Doubtfire” tapes. ¬†I had seen the characters of “Full House” and “Family Matters” experience the parks. I was excited to know that my chance had finally come! I’m not sure how much I annoyed my parents about the trip in the months leading up to our departure. I just remember getting excited each time my mom purchased a new short set, bathing suit, or other items for our suitcases!

When we landed in Orlando and arrived at our hotel (Disney’s All-Star Music), it was one of the best feelings in my entire childhood–and we weren’t even in the park yet! All of the Cast Members were nice.¬†My first moment in Magic Kingdom was¬†euphoric. I just wanted to see it all and do it all. Since I was short, I did as much as allowed by height restrictions. It was a trip that I’ll never forget.

Although I’ve been to WDW many, many, many times since then, nothing compares to my first time. It’s a feeling that can’t be replaced, no matter how many new attractions are built. Wait…Perhaps the only feeling that will ever match or top it¬†is seeing WDW through my future children’s eyes. That’s something that will be so special to me. Honestly, that’s why WDW has been in business for so many years. So many parents (including mine) love the look on their child’s face when they see the castle, ride Pirates of the Caribbean or meet Mickey for the first time. While there’s no rush in the production of the babies Nichols, I’m already saving and planning for their very first Disney trip!

The Best Disney April Fool’s Pranks (Not Produced by Disney)

April Fools day is one that I want to go by as quickly as possible. I am slightly¬†annoyed by the dozens of cliche “I’m expecting” Facebook statuses. If you’re going to participate in the day’s festivities, at least get creative with it. That’s just what a few Disney-loving bloggers did today. If you ever wondered how cruel a Disney lover could be, you’re in for a treat. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites to share with you. Click the images below to read the full post (prank).

1. Walt Disney World Announces a Fifth Park



2. Disney Vacation Club Owner to File Lawsuit Demanding More FastPass+ Experiences



3. Disney World Visitor Tricks Cast Members With Disneyland Map



4. Le Cellier Steakhouse is now a Disney-fied Outback Steakhouse



5. “Switched at Birth” is Done-zo



6. The Good Old Beverly Prank


Weekend Getaway: Founders Inn & Spa


Last weekend, Jon and I took a last-minute trip to Virginia Beach, Virginia. Having attended Hampton University, Jon is pretty familiar with that area–as a resident. When it comes to booking hotel stays down there, (or anywhere else, really) the task is left to me. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I ALWAYS get a good deal on hotels. In a future post, I’ll give a full explanation of my process. For now, I’ll just let you know how I landed such a great deal and my thoughts on the accommodations.

First, (for those of you who don’t have pets) traveling with or without your pet is hard! You have to decide if it’s cheaper to board your dog or just bring her along for the ride. Since we were only staying overnight, we decided to just bring Phoebe with us. Once you make that decision, your choices for affordable lodging becomes more narrow. Such was our case.

As I said before, I go through a long process before selecting accommodations. I ended up booking through Priceline’s Name Your Own Price (NYOP) tool. I put $50 as my max and set a filter for three-star hotels (Hyatt, Four Points, Marriott Courtyard etc.) or better. I also set a filter for pet-friendly hotels. If you’re unfamiliar with NYOP, you cannot see the hotel you’re booking until the transaction is completed. The seconds before you submit your credit card information is always scary. I was relieved to have gotten a room at Founders Inn. My sorority held a retreat there a few years back, so I knew it had to be great–and it was. I just wish we had more opportunity to explore.

What I liked: 

Pet-Friendly atmosphere: They went a little further than just allowing pets to stay. There’s a large pet area that is adjacent to the rooms. They even provide poop bags! That was great

Rooms were separate from check-in: This is something I loved about Las Vegas hotels. It was nice to see the rooms were in another building…away¬†from the check-in/lobby, event¬†rooms. When you’ve been to conferences and trade shows, you know how easily “conference noise” can find its way to your room. This was not a problem at all.

Walking distance to several necessity shops: There was a 7-11, Waffle House, and Chinese restaurant across the intersection (among other things).

Homey feeling: When you enter the room, you feel like you’re at home. There were beautiful quilts on the bed. The bed also embraces you. This is something my husband and I particularly loved. Oh, and the shower. My goodness! I almost didn’t want to leave!

Things that were awesome, but I didn’t get a chance to experience: The spa, hence the name. The two restaurants. The indoor pool. The landscape. We didn’t really plan to do anything but rest at the hotel, so we didn’t plan accordingly. No worries, though. We’ll be back.

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