Homecoming Looks for the Day and Night

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As much as I love Christmas, autumn will always be my favorite time of year. My favorite holidays, pumpkin spice mania, and my birthday all happen this season. Additionally, it’s homecoming season! Continue reading “Homecoming Looks for the Day and Night”

Sizzlin’ Summer Deals

There are some super hot deals on the Internet that I have to share!

First, e.l.f. Cosmetics is running deals on makeup that will heat up any Summer look! Tomorrow only, e.l.f. is running their best offer of the year: 50% off everything! This offer is valid tomorrow, 7/8 only on orders of $35 or more with code OHYEAH. Use this link to shop tomorrow.

While you’re in the saving mood, make sure you check out Priceline’s Fun in the Sun Hotel Sale — you can save up to 25% on select hotels. Book before Aug 1, 2014 and travel before Aug 30, 2014. Use this link to save!

If you missed Bath and Body Works’ semi-annual sale, don’t fret. Their summer sale is still underway! You can save up to 75% on select items. You don’t ned any codes, so head over ASAP!

Also, Ulta is currently running a special on hair products. You can save up to 50% on select products. To check out their sale selection, take a look at their circular. This special only lasts through July 26.

If I find any other deals, I will post them here. If you have any you would like to share, leave them in the comments!


DIY Tutes That Will Make Your Summer Great!

I was supposed to post my wedding tips video today, but my editing software didn’t get the memo. I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging, so I’ve compiled a few of my favorite tutorials for summer! Why summer and not spring? It’ll give you time to perfect them!  After all, beach season is only four weeks away!


1. These Bottomless Sandal Tutorials:


2. This Le Sac Dress Tutorial:


3. This Graphic Tank Tutorial: 


4. This Makeup  Tutorial: 


5. These Recipe Tutorials:


6. This workout routine: 


What I’m Wearing This Spring!

Spring is here, even if winter won’t go away! With that, I decided to go through my closet and pull some looks together to share with you. While these pictures aren’t exactly what I own, they are very close! Everything featured below is based on something that is actually in my wardrobe. Let me know what look is your favorite and where you would wear it!


Date Night Look Book
Here’s a look I’ve already shared. This is a fun look for a sporting event. Since basketball season will be completely donezo in a little while, swap the Wizard’s shirt for a Nationals shirt.
With my first wedding anniversary just weeks away, I know wedding season is around the corner. Here’s a simple wedding look I pulled together. I kept all of my accessories simple because it’s not my day 🙂
This look is good for a cookout or any day, really. You can go with just the tank, but the denim jacket will help beat A.C. chills.
Although this won’t be needed until the end of spring, it’s never too early to think of a beach day!
I pulled this look together for a spring date night.
Mr. NichofTAIme and I love going on dates in the spring. There are so many foods to be tasted, free concerts to be heard, and scenery to enjoy. You can do them all with a look like this.  
This may look like the tackiest outfit on Earth, but it's what you wear to the happiest place on Earth. When I visit amusement parks, it's less about fashion and more about function--especially at Disney. You're going to get wet. You're going to sit in something that may not come out of your clothes...so I keep it simple. P.S. Those Croc sandals are LOVE! All of the comfort of a walking shoe, minus the cramped foot-prison feeling.
This may look like the tackiest outfit on Earth, but it’s what you wear to the happiest place on Earth. When I visit amusement parks, it’s less about fashion and more about function–especially at Disney. You’re going to get wet. You’re going to sit in something that may not come out of your clothes…so I keep it simple. P.S. Those Croc sandals are LOVE! All of the comfort of a walking shoe, minus the cramped foot-prison feeling.

Get Ready With Me: Wizards Game [Video]

I’ve already shared my weekend with you, but here re the details of what I wore and how I pulled the look together.

I didn’t get any full body shots of my outfit, so I created the following image to give you an idea of what I wore. I couldn’t find an online image of my shirt online, so I picked one that looks similar:

Date Night Look Book

I’ll be posting a spring look book as soon as Maryland can maintain some spring weather! Until then, stay tuned!

Trial Run: Sammy Dress and Dress Link Pt. 2


I took a lot of time getting around to this post, for which I apologize! I received my orders from China in the beginning of this month (which wasn’t a super long wait for delivery). The first package to arrive was my Dress Link items, followed by the Sammy Dress stuff.

I would say I expected to get lesser quality items, but the Dress Link items were a slightly lower quality than expected. If you remember from my previous post, I ordered the yellow and tan blouse, music note ring, and a black bikini. All of the items look just like the pictures, which is awesome. It’s just the quality that is a bit sucky.  The bikini is cute, but the boob support is not going to work for me, for one. Additionally, the lining in the bikini top is not waterproof. It’s comparable to the lining you may see in a costume bustier. I wouldn’t get wet in it, but I’d wear it to a swim-free pool party (yes, those exist). The blouse was super thin, but still cute. Since it’s long enough, I plan to repurpose it as a beach coverup. The quality is just too flimsy to wear as an actual shirt. Finally, the ring was perfect. Then again, you can’t really go wrong with costume jewelry. It is what it is.

As for the Sammy Dress items, I was in love! Everything had a great quality. I ordered a pink and gray striped shirt that is made from the softest fabric! When I wore it, I didn’t want to take it off! I also ordered a scarf from Sammy Dress and it was also of great quality. It’s just as good as a scarf I would get from Target. It’s thick and large enough to wrap my neck a few times, so I am happy.

Overall, I had a great experience with both sites. I would suggest both sites, but use caution for Dress Link. Stay away from any sheer fabric because it probably won’t be what you want. Since the prices are so low, you probably won’t get mad if the product isn’t what you expected.

Trial Run: SammyDress.com and DressLink.com Pt. 1

On days like today, I watch a lot of YouTube videos. While watching GlamTwinz334and Ms. Shopaholic Diaries, I learned about Sammy Dress and Dress Link.
Simply put, they are Asian wholesale distributors. They have trendy clothes for very low prices. From the pictures, it seems like the quality of their clothes depends on the item. Some items appear to be Forever 21 quality, while others are more like Rainbow or D.E.B. Nothing seems to be superior quality, though. However, it seems like Dress Link had a better quality overall.In terms of the online shopping experience, I liked Dress Link better overall. It’s not that Sammy Dress was bad, but checkout at Dress Link was a bit more detailed. Sammy Dress has MANY more options, though. Should everything go well, I will probably purchase from Sammy Dress first—just because they have a lot of items. In addition to clothing, Sammy Dress also sells makeup, makeup tools, home goods, toys etc. Dress Link seems to focus on clothing, which is perfectly fine.

Well, since there were some bad reviews for both (in which people said these sites were scams), I was a bit skeptical. I spent time reading lots of reviews before placing my order. I decided to get only a few things from each site to test the water. Since I wasn’t in a rush to get these items, I used Chinese post for shipping. Both packages should arrive between 7-25 days, which is right on target for international parcels. When they arrive, I’ll be posting part two. Stay tuned!

Here’s what I ordered:

Sammy Dress

Dress Link