Toddler Chia Pudding + Product Review

Some days, I don’t know if it’s worse raising a picky eater or being married to one. My McNugget is not adventurous with new foods…at all. We really have to dramatize each bite of our own food to get him to try the smallest piece of something. Strangely enough, he loves chicken, smoothies, and chia pudding. I really didn’t expect for him to like it when he shoved my spoon in his mouth one night, but he did. Now, he signs for it whenever I eat it. 

Since I am not always in a sharing mood, I began giving him his own pudding. This also allows me to sneak in some of his least favorite foods. Here’s a basic recipe I’ve been following, along with some mix-ins/toppings I add for him.


Toddler chia pudding recipe:


1/2 cup chia seeds

1/2 pureed banana for sweetener

2 cups milk of your choice. We use breastmilk or whatever non-dairy milk we have.


-Add the chia seeds and pureed banana to a bowl. Mix well.  Add the cinnamon, vanilla and sweetener and mix again

-Add the milk and mix again.

-Add any additional ingredients (listed below) and mix well.

-Cover and refrigerate for at least three hours.


Optional serving suggestions:

Add 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice & 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Add an extra 1/2 pureed banana and frozen strawberries

Omit pureed banana and add pureed vegetables with seasoning of your choice


a188d6b746eec53601957f12fbfc6468d96c0defSince my family is always moving, we needed a to-go option for his pudding and smoothies. When we received* the Cutielunch Reusable Squeeze Pouches, they were right on time. First, they are indeed cute! I love the little cartoon fruit on the package. While these pouches are made to be reusable, we treat them like disposables. They are very durable and are super easy to use. There was a bit of a learning curve figuring out how much the pouches could actually hold, but it was a breeze once we got used to it. My son LOVES showing off his big kid skills with food pouches, so I love that he can eat directly from them. Although this product was sent to us for free, it is a product my husband and I plan to repurchase and keep on our Amazon shopping list. If you’re looking for durable food storage pouches for your homemade baby food, you can purchase a 4-pack here.





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It’s Been a While

It’s been a year or so since I started my blog hiatus. Around the time I stopped blogging, I had just found out that I had gestational diabetes–and I wasn’t too happy about it. I felt that the things I was feeling should be between God, my husband and me. I didn’t want to discourage anyone else and I didn’t want frustrations floating in cyberspace. My son, who will only be known as McNugget here, was born in January. Since his birth, I have been super busy (that’s a given). Continue reading “It’s Been a While”

Hump Day Bump Day: Week 22

Look at that! We’ve made it to week 22…only 18 weeks (or so) to go! I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks, thanks to moving and being “in my feelings.” While my emotions now seem to be in check, my body is going through many undesirable changes. 

How are you feeling today?
Hot. In addition, I feel hungry. I always feel hungry.

Any symptoms/aversions/cravings?
I’m still dealing with skin issues, but I have been using Lush’s Dark Angels cleanser to remedy them. Additionally, I’ve experienced an achy back and swollen feet. I’m still working on solutions, but it has been rough.

Any dreams lately?
I keep having dreams that I am ruining someone’s date. First, it was my mother-in-law. Then, it was my sister and my friend.

Other rants/raves/comments?
I can feel the baby moving A LOT! It’s a pretty awesome feeling! On a heavier note, I’ve had two unwanted belly touches. If you know me, you know how hard it was for me to not wear my disgust on my face. I failed. I honestly don’t care, either. It’s my body and I don’t like people invading my space like that–especially if you are one step away from being a stranger.

Here are a few things going on internally, according to my Ovia Pregnancy mobile app (my absolute favorite):

-My baby is about the size of an ear of corn–8 in, 1 lb

-My baby’s vital organs are virtually fully developed!





Hump Day Bump Day (+ One Day): 19 weeks, 1 Day

Those are my mom's hands, if you're wondering.
Those are my mom’s hands, if you’re wondering.

Today was an exciting, amazing, tear-jerking day. Outside of the fact that it’s my sister’s birthday, I got to see my baby via sonogram during his or her anatomy scan!

It was so cool and emotional. Seriously, I shed one “thug tear” and wiped it away. I saw the little baby moving about the screen. He or she wouldn’t let the the tech see any genitals until the last minute. Although the tech got a glance, no one will know until our gender reveal party. Any excuse to have cake, right?  Girl or boy, I know one thing–this baby is surely mine and Jon’s. He or she is an energetic little one.

In addition to genitalia, we got to see all of the baby’s body parts–when there was cooperation in-vitro. That part of the scan made everything real. Not only did I hear the baby’s heartbeat, which happens at every appointment, I also got to see it and all chambers of my baby’s heart. It was the best thing I’ve ever watched on a television. The tech and doctor told us that our baby is 10 oz and is measuring at the correct length for 19 weeks. Apps say that’s close to the length of a ripe mango. 

As for me, everything is just fine. My doctor was a bit surprised that I haven’t gained more weight, but it wasn’t a cause for alarm. She even asked Jon if I was making all of my meals. I absolutely have eaten at every meal. Still, I have only gained five pounds since my first appointment. Other than weight, I am breaking out like crazy. I don’t want to use any strong chemicals to combat this, but none of the natural remedies seem to work. I guess I have to let this ride out. At least that’s all I have in the symptoms department. I could be going through a repeat of my first trimester. 

All in all, today was a good day. I hope the gender news doesn’t make me burst from anticipation! The announcement will come in week 23. Stay tuned!