Smarty Had a Party Shopping Review

Having a family (even if it’s just a small one right now) means many reasons to gather. Whether it’s a dinner or a birthday party, there are many times throughout the year that require party supplies. I found myself in one such situation recently–McNugget’s dedication!

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Hump Day Bump Day (+ One Day): 19 weeks, 1 Day

Those are my mom's hands, if you're wondering.
Those are my mom’s hands, if you’re wondering.

Today was an exciting, amazing, tear-jerking day. Outside of the fact that it’s my sister’s birthday, I got to see my baby via sonogram during his or her anatomy scan!

It was so cool and emotional. Seriously, I shed one “thug tear” and wiped it away. I saw the little baby moving about the screen. He or she wouldn’t let the the tech see any genitals until the last minute. Although the tech got a glance, no one will know until our gender reveal party. Any excuse to have cake, right?  Girl or boy, I know one thing–this baby is surely mine and Jon’s. He or she is an energetic little one.

In addition to genitalia, we got to see all of the baby’s body parts–when there was cooperation in-vitro. That part of the scan made everything real. Not only did I hear the baby’s heartbeat, which happens at every appointment, I also got to see it and all chambers of my baby’s heart. It was the best thing I’ve ever watched on a television. The tech and doctor told us that our baby is 10 oz and is measuring at the correct length for 19 weeks. Apps say that’s close to the length of a ripe mango. 

As for me, everything is just fine. My doctor was a bit surprised that I haven’t gained more weight, but it wasn’t a cause for alarm. She even asked Jon if I was making all of my meals. I absolutely have eaten at every meal. Still, I have only gained five pounds since my first appointment. Other than weight, I am breaking out like crazy. I don’t want to use any strong chemicals to combat this, but none of the natural remedies seem to work. I guess I have to let this ride out. At least that’s all I have in the symptoms department. I could be going through a repeat of my first trimester. 

All in all, today was a good day. I hope the gender news doesn’t make me burst from anticipation! The announcement will come in week 23. Stay tuned! 

Throwback Thursday: My First Walt Disney World Visit

My sister, my dad and me in the pool at Disney's All-Star Music Image Credit: Probably my mom.
My sister, my dad and me in the pool at Disney’s All-Star Music. 1998
Image Credit: Probably my mom.

It was the summer of ’98…the summer before my family moved to Maryland. My mom had planned a trip for not only our immediately family, but also extended family, family friends, and a few of her co-workers. Yes, this was a time before you could book everything online in 10 minutes. My parents had taken my sister and I along to pick up one family’s payment for their trip. When my mom returned to the car, that’s when they told us: we were going to the Walt Disney World Resort!

Now, Walt Disney World was a place I knew a lot about…ever since ’93. My mom had ordered the vacation planning VHS, which I asked to watch almost as much as my “Annie” and “Mrs. Doubtfire” tapes.  I had seen the characters of “Full House” and “Family Matters” experience the parks. I was excited to know that my chance had finally come! I’m not sure how much I annoyed my parents about the trip in the months leading up to our departure. I just remember getting excited each time my mom purchased a new short set, bathing suit, or other items for our suitcases!

When we landed in Orlando and arrived at our hotel (Disney’s All-Star Music), it was one of the best feelings in my entire childhood–and we weren’t even in the park yet! All of the Cast Members were nice. My first moment in Magic Kingdom was euphoric. I just wanted to see it all and do it all. Since I was short, I did as much as allowed by height restrictions. It was a trip that I’ll never forget.

Although I’ve been to WDW many, many, many times since then, nothing compares to my first time. It’s a feeling that can’t be replaced, no matter how many new attractions are built. Wait…Perhaps the only feeling that will ever match or top it is seeing WDW through my future children’s eyes. That’s something that will be so special to me. Honestly, that’s why WDW has been in business for so many years. So many parents (including mine) love the look on their child’s face when they see the castle, ride Pirates of the Caribbean or meet Mickey for the first time. While there’s no rush in the production of the babies Nichols, I’m already saving and planning for their very first Disney trip!