Product Review: Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus

I have a lot going on. Not only do I run this blog, but I also run a photography business. As you could imagine, I have a lot of things to protect. I typically use an antivirus program to protect my assets, identity, and client files. While my little one is just a baby, antivirus software can also help tremendously with keeping children safe from the dangers of the Internet.

I was recently sent a free download of Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus for MacOS. Webroot Antivirus protects you from online threats, which keeps you safe no matter how or where you connect. It scans fast, uses fewer system resources, and protects you by instantly identifying and blocking new threats as soon as they appear. The scan is completely done in less than two minutes! The program analyzes files, phishing sites, malicious web pages, IP addresses, and mobile apps providing a real time view of current threats and enabling instantaneous protection from new infections. 

I’ve had a short time to review this product, but so far, I’m satisfied. I am relieved to not have to worry about this aspect of protecting my business. If you’d like to give Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus a try, it may be purchased here. Stay tuned for a Webroot sponsored giveaway around the holidays!

You Can Have Soft Clothes Without Buying Fabric Softener

If you have an infant or young child like I do, fragrance-free solutions are important in your laundry routine. I am a fabric softener queen when it comes to everyone else’s laundry, but that’s not really a possibility for McNugget’s clothes. While on my search for ways to soften his clothes, I received my dryer balls from I-Gruv. Continue reading “You Can Have Soft Clothes Without Buying Fabric Softener”

The Busy Girl’s Skincare Routine

I used to receive a lot of compliments about my clear skin in college. Since then, I let my former routine fall by the wayside–there doesn’t seem to be as much time in my days anymore. As a result, my skin has suffered. For the first time in my life, I started having awful breakouts and blemishes. I know it’s because I have increased the time between shampoos since returning natural AND sometimes being too tired to remove my makeup at night. Sigh. Anywho, I’ve settled on a routine that is easy and gives me the results I desire: my old face!

When I wake up, I wash my face with raw African black soap. I spoke about the wonders of this soap in a previous post. It gets my face really clean, without leaving it feeling dry. It clears up all of my blemishes. So much so, I purchased a liquid body wash version to try on my bacne marks.

After using the black soap, I moisturize with a bit of Burt’s Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream. Most days, I add a bit of EOS lip balm and I am done. I try not to wear makeup all the time (and light coverage when I do), unless there’s a special occasion. In the summer, I like a bit of tinted moisturizer to protect my skin from the sun. See the video below for my usual makeup routine.

The hard part comes when I have to remove my makeup. The way I do this is with good ol’ cold cream. I use the CVS version of Pond’s cold cream because it is slightly cheaper (and I earned some Extra Care Bucks on my purchase). After applying the cream, I wipe it off with a warm, damp washcloth. After which, I add a bit of moisturizer.

If I need a little extra help or “get right” for my skin, I do have a few tricks (like using a non-toxic baby wipe to scrub dead skin from my lips). I’ll do a full post about that, so stay tuned!


Multi-Purposing: Twist-Out Pomade

You ever wondered how natural women figured out which everyday products or tools could be used for hair? I am a witness that it is a result of experimenting. That’s just what I did a few washes ago and found an awesome pomade for my twists, thus resulting in twist-outs.

So a while back, I tried my hand at making homemade natural lip balms. Since it’s more of a hobby than side hustle, I have an over abundance of lip balm base. I started thinking of some uses for it, but  most of them were outrageous. Looking at the awesome ingredients, I decided to use it as a pomade for my set of twists.

photo (5)

The pomade/ lip balm base I used is the Macadamia & Jojoba Lip Balm Base from Rustic Escentuals. When you look at the ingredients, you see why this is awesome: macadamia and jojoba oils, coconut oil for nourishing, and a hint of castor  oil for shine. If you’re wondering, my hair doesn’t feel excessively greasy or sticky because of the beeswax.  In fact, it feels very soft to the touch. As you will see when you order, a little goes a long way.

Macadamia & Jojoba Lip Balm Base

The first time I tried the pomade, I had freshly washed hair with only tea tree oil and a dime-sized amount of Garnier Fructis Intensely Smooth cream. I towel dried my hair, leaving it mildly damp. After sectioning and before twisting, I coated my fingers with the pomade and twisted.  I let my hair dry overnight in a silk bonnet and wore the twists for a few days. When the twists got a little old, I took them out and had awesome curls! Unfortunately, there’ no proof of that because I didn’t take any pictures. However, I did follow the same routine yesterday and these are the results!

 4-up on 4-4-14 at 2.01 PM (compiled)

If you’d like to order, visit the Rustic Escentuals website! For a 16 oz tub like mine, it’ll only cost you $17.95. However, the less expensive  four ounce tub will hold you over a while.