Smarty Had a Party Shopping Review

Having a family (even if it’s just a small one right now) means many reasons to gather. Whether it’s a dinner or a birthday party, there are many times throughout the year that require party supplies. I found myself in one such situation recently–McNugget’s dedication!

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Ballin’ on a Collegian Budget: Cheap Makeup Staples + e.l.f. Promo Code

College may have been a few years ago for me, but I still remember the tight budget I had! Things like makeup weren’t on the top of my priority list—especially with other expenses like textbooks, business attire and sorority dues. I found a way to still look polished, so I am passing the info along to the soon-to-be collegiate women! Also, there’s an e.l.f. promo code hidden in the video (not to mention the code below the video).